How To Start A Collection

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One can start a collection of almost anything and spend as much or as little money as desired. What do you love? What interests do you find enjoyable? Do you enjoy the hunt? Starting a collection with no more investment than your time and energy is easy, if you enjoy treasure hunting. Whether it be scoping the beach for seashells or things that get washed up on shore or digging in the dirt of an old farm or landfill in search of bottles and discarded items of long ago, one can find things that tell a story and can make an interesting collection. Just two or more things that have something in common is all you need to begin a collection.

You can also satisfy the need for the thrill of the hunt through shopping flea markets, garage sales, estate sales, antique stores, and auctions. Do your research and have an idea of what you are willing to pay for a new acquisition. Sometimes you may want to trade or sell something already in your collection for a more rare or better example.

Seasoned Life Transitions, Inc. consigns collectibles from clients who desire to sell them. We have several items for sale on that are inexpensive and a great start or addition to a collection. My top three choices are:

1. Snuff Bottles  

Snuff bottles first appeared in the late 1800’s and were made until the 1920’s and 30’s. They were made to hold snuff, but often became appreciated for just a pretty thing to carry.

2. Old Books  

Books as part of a home decor are very important in making a room seem inviting and interesting. Collectible books are great conversation pieces. Who doesn’t have a favorite book or author? Childhood memories of reading about Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer or the Nancy Drew mysteries are thought of fondly.

3. Occupied Japan Porcelain Figures  

Occupied Japan” is a term used for the time period from 1945 (after World War II) through April 25, 1952 which was the time that the Allies were in Japan to help rebuild and renew trade. Many items from porcelain to toys were required to be marked with this designation.

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