Scrapbook of Souvenirs from the 1933 World's Fair in Chicago

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This old scrapbook is full of the most interesting and collectible brochures, postcards, and mementos from the 1933 World's Fair in Chicago. This fair celebrated the city's centennial. The theme was technological innovation and was titled, "A Century of Progress".

The scrapbook is an art deco style cloth covered book bound with twine. The pages inside are cardboard. The condition of the book itself is poor, but many of the contents are in good condition. The first pages contain person photographs and a handwritten title page, "My Memory Book Began November 1933, Bruce Kelly". The pages about the fair are headlined with a clipping of an aerial view of the site of the fair "1933 Century of Progress", fronting Lake Michigan.  Bruce wrote, "My World's Fair Trip, July 1933", over the clipping. The scrapbook contains the following items that are pasted onto the cardboard pages:

  1. Floor Plan Chicago Board of Trade
  2. Chicago Cubs 1933 Official Scorecard for a game against Boston
  3. How Firestone Gum-dipped Tires are Made
  4. California Redwood business card made out of redwood
  5. Sky Ride "See the Fair from the Air" brochure
  6. Club Leisure, Dine and Dance flyer
  7. Chrysler Building postcard
  8. Our Trip Through Fields by Hamilton Hull (pamphlet on Marshall Fields department store)
  9. The Royal Scot, London Midland & Scottish Railway of Great Britain brochure
  10.  4 Postcards of Continental Illinois Bank Building
  11. A Flyer from Chinese Temple of Buddha
  12. The Making of a Motor Car by General Motors souvenir book
  13. The Big News circular from the fair about exhibits like Sinclair's wierd dinosaurs
  14. Several colorful postcards from various buildings and sites at the fair
  15. The Gray Line tour bus brochures
  16. Cleanliness Thru the Ages souvenir book by Old Dutch Cleanser
  17. The 57 at the Fair brochure by Heinz 57
  18. Several clippings and cards concerning graduation in 1932 and other personal events and news clippings on his Thespian activities