Chinese Turquoise Snuff Bottle

  • $50.00

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This small, but heavy snuff bottle measures almost 3" tall and 1.5" wide and is made of turquoise. The bottle is old and still has the metal spoon style stopper. One side of the bottle is flat for a more comfortable fit in a breast pocket.

Snuff bottles were developed by the Chinese for carrying powdered tobacco. It was legal to carry tobacco in powdered form since it was often used for treating colds, headaches, and stomach aches. Today, snuff bottles are a very desirable collectible due to the beauty, small size, and just feel really nice to hold. Most are very small and made out of all kinds of substances from porcelain, jade, ivory, wood, metals, ceramic materials, stones, tortoiseshell, and glass.

This bottle is a great piece for anyone starting a snuff bottle collection.