Sports Memorabilia

Collectibles related to any sports are highly desirable, but rarity and condition are everything when it comes to value. People of all ages love to collect old golf clubs, baseballs, baseball cards, autographed items from any sport, photographs, and balls. We are continually adding items to this category, so come back often to check out new listings or register for email notifications when a new item is posted.

Condition of cards and similar souvenirs or signed pieces are crucial in determining value:

Mint, Near Mint, Excellent, Very Good, Good, and Poor are the rating levels. You can grade an item in a range, such as Near Mint to Mint or Good to Very Good. Obviously, the more new in appearance or "Mint" condition will bring the highest price.

Articles with substantial flaws may also receive a qualifier along with their numerical grade. The flaw typically results in the value being at least two grades lower. Examples are:

  • OC --- Off center (one or more borders significantly larger than the opposite border)
  • ST --- Staining (stains from wax, gum, water, or other substances)
  • PD --- Print defect (ink smears, random ink spots, "fish eyes" or other factory printing defects)
  • OF --- Out of focus (registration or color application causes image to be out of focus)
  • MK --- Marks --- (pen, pencil writing, or ink stamps)
  • MC --- Miscut (a portion of the card is missing or portion of another card appears on normal sized card)
  • TR --- Trimmed (card may be slightly or grossly cut or trimmed to make smaller or improve appearance)
  • AUTH --- Authentic (card is original but has been altered, repaired, or otherwise enhanced)