Vintage Toys

Toys of all types are another category of highly desired collectibles. People of all ages love to collect dolls, toy trains, old painted metal toys, teddy bears, marbles, tops, toy cars and trucks, and so much more. Vintage toys are highly desired from Mattel Barbie dolls to Star Wars toys. We are seeking and adding collectibles in this category, so look back often or register your email for notifications when new items are listed.

The single most critical factor in evaluating a collectible toy properly is determining its rarity. Generally, more expensive toys, -- usually made in small quantities -- have a higher survival rate than cheap ones. Age can be important, but some collectors are more interested in condition, rarity, manufacturer, and other considerations such as general desire. Toys also have had makers' marks ever since they were first produced in mass. However, many of the more valuable early toys only had paper labels which have long since disappeared. Often, only the box was marked and not the toy.

Mint condition with intact finish, no repairs, and all accessory features -- not likely to be a common scenario when you do find a toy. True mint condition also means having the original box the toy came in with the instructions -- again, very rare you find this. Since so very, very few toys can meet this standard, the vast majority of collectors must settle for "good" condition or less. But, condition does affect toy price. A toy that has been repainted or has an improperly restored part is often worth up to 50% less than one in mint condition. 

Damage also effects antique toy value but it varies a great deal. Normal types of wear and tear, like fading of the paint, are regarded as acceptable -- especially on a the very rare pieces. If spring mechanisms or even small mechanical parts have been replaced properly, value is usually not greatly reduced. How much a collector will pay for a restored toy depends primarily on the quality of the restoration work done and the rarity of the toy.


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